Braves vs Phillies Future

The Braves and the Phillies have a very extended reputation but this year is going to be the year of a life time between the two teams. With the phillies pitching staff it will be harder then ever to beat them. If we come out strong and stay strong there is no way that we can be beat. The braves 2nd hand team during spring trainning already showed the phillies that they come to play even though we suffered a loss. As soon as we get our 25 man roster it will be on. Especially that the first home game for the Braves is aginst the Phillies we better not let them win a game not that I hate the phillies I think the Phillies will win the World Series because of there wonderful pitching staff. The Giants should had never won last year they were a sorry team but they had a good pitching staff and defense wins ball games.



Chipper’s still hottt as ever but will it last?

Chipper Jones as we all thought Chipper was going to retire but he didnt he made a terrific come back and is better then ever. As Chipper remains hot but the question is will he last through opening day.



With Jason by Chippers side i suspect that he will have a strong season as he has always been a wonderful third baseman he shows his good sportsmanship were ever he is. Thats what makes a player pure when they show a good heart.



Brooks Conrad

Honestly I would suggest that we send Brooks Conrad down he is not as well known. He is not ready to come up to the bigs yet especially after the championship games and he is still makeing errors. I must admit though he is a powerful hitter but he needs to learn to tame his posture in a big game. Thats just what I would do or have him ease in game to game for a couple of innings to earn his stripes.